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New York, New York
118 East 40th Street, New York, New York 10016
artists that left their mark
artists that left their mark
artists that left their mark
artists that left their mark
artists that left their mark
artists that left their mark
artists that left their mark
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The Renwick Hotel, New York Wonderfully Eccentric

exclusive collaborations that inspire 

  • Apotheke is a local company based in Brooklyn, NY that makes candles, soaps and lotions - by hand. Apotheke created a signature scent exclusively for The Renwick Hotel. The Gregory Hotel and The Renwick Hotel are the only hotels in New York that supply Apotheke products.​​
  • Blue Eagle Pottery  designed the multi-colored ceramic vases found in all guest rooms. These vases were discovered in a boutique in Brooklyn and were reproduced for The Renwick Hotel.
  • Jessica Clark is a graphic design and photography artist who currently teaches in New York. Clark created the string art currently featured in the lobby as well as string art currently on display in the James Renwick Suite.
  • Ben Cowan is a Brooklyn-based painter whose work has been shown throughout America and is in many private collections. Cowan hand painted the New York City skyline drapes and artist stool - both of which are found in every guest room. Each stool was hand painted and is a one-of-a-kind piece of art exclusively found at The Renwick. Cowan also created the finger print mural that is currently on display in the James Renwick Suite.
  • Jesse Farrenkopf is an installation artist whose work was featured in Broadway's "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" and Macy's 34th Street Christmas Windows. Farrenkopf created the shadow boxes found in all Thomas Mann-inspired Signature Suites.
  • Kendall Fleisher has a background in installation art and currently works as an art director for film and commercials. Fleisher hand painted the inspirational quotes found in all suites. She also created the ear cabinet fixtures found within the Artist Inspirational Suites. 
  • Stonehill & Taylor is the mastermind behind The Renwick Hotel. This interior design and architecture studio transformed what was once an artist studio in the 1920's into an artist-inspired luxury boutique hotel. 
  • Susan Graham has received several fellowships and grants from organizations such as the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, The Sustainable Arts Foundation, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and many more. Graham created the wire bird sculptures found in the John Steinbeck-inspired Signature Suites and the wire sculptures in the Artist Inspiration Suites - exclusively for The Renwick Hotel.
  • Alice Goldsmith is a self-taught artist that currently resides in New York City. Goldsmith created the green vases currently found in all guest rooms using a centuries old technique (a wire was used to create facets on all sides and the glaze was applied by hand). Each vase is a one of a kind piece of work. 
  • Heather Heckel is a New York City artist, teacher and children's book author. She hand painted portraits of John Steinbeck, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Thomas Mann and Ernest Hemingway in the Signature Suites. She also created the mural in the stairwell that leads to the fitness center on the lower level. Heckel has also designed a self-portrait of herself in the Inspiration Suites.
  • Brian Howard is a New York City-based designer and artist who works as a scenic designer for Broadway Shows, retail display's (including the holiday windows at Macy's Herald Square). Howard created the gradient wall in the Artist Inspirational Suite, exclusively for The Renwick.
  • Erin Lass has been working in film, TV, theater and events as a Scenic Artist for nearly a decade. Lass is responsible for designing the gradient wall in the Artist's Suite and hand painted the wall quotes in all of the Suites.
  • Richard Lieberman is a multi-disciplinary artist with a knack for seeing the big picture who studied at Bringhamton University and in Florence, Italy. Lieberman created the unique rope pulley and spoon sculpture that can be found in the John Steinbeck and F. Scott Fitzgerald-inspired Signature Suites. He also createed the hand hardware found in the James Renwick zsuite.
  • Novel Brand designed the F. Scott Fitzgerald books that have interior pages designed to say "cheers"
  • Gregory Siff is an acclaimed New York Born artist who has had his art displayed at the Whitney Museum and Santa Monica Museum of Art. Siff designed the mixed media mural in the lobby and has "left his mark" in unique places throughout the hotel.
  • Simha Studio is a Brooklyn-based company that created the handcrafted clay sheep currently found in the Thomas Mann-inspired Signature Suites.
  • Studio By The Forest is a Brooklyn-based company that created the handcrafted stone mountains that can also be found in the Thomas Mann-inspired Signature Suites.
  • Yuka Uchida of OVO ceramics is a Japanese designer who has studied architectural deisgn and hsa also worked as an interior designer. Based in New York, Uchida created the ceramic pen cups that feature pages from F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Great Gatsby. Each ceramic cup is unique in it's characteristics and was made exclusively for The Renwick Hotel.
  • Dr. Z (aka James Zdaniewski) is a Brooklyn based artist whose work includes acrylic, spray paint, animated installations and large scale murals. Dr. Z created a one of a kind mural in the lower level bathroom as well as the "post-it note" mural currently on display in the James Renwick Suite.