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The Renwick Press Room

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Read how The Renwick is making headlines and changing the standards for luxury boutique hotels in New York City.
The Renwick Hotel Celebrates Literary Legends And Art Icons With New Midtown Concept Opening Early Summer 2015

The Renwick Hotel Celebrates Literary Legends And Art Icons With New Midtown Concept Opening Early Summer 2015

Steps away from Grand Central Station is a quaint, brick building with spacious interiors and a rich history of inspiring creative luminaries. In early summer 2015, the building will reopen as The Renwick, a 173 room hotel located at 118 E. 40th Street. To view the full press release, click here.
America's Artsiest New Hotels

America's Artsiest New Hotels

Sometimes, you just want to stare at the walls. But let's face it, even with a cocktail in hand, the odd abstract paintings and sepia-tone tree photos splashed all over the walls at many hotels aren't much of a visual treat for the weary traveler.That's where this new crop of artistically inspired hotels comes in, elevating hotel art to gallery or museum status.
Read the full story at CNN.com
12 Reasons To Travel This September

12 Reasons To Travel This September

Midtown Manhattan offers visitors a new place to stay this month, thanks to the debut of boutique property The Renwick. The look and feel of the 173 loft-style guestrooms (including 33 suites) nods to the hotel's history as a long-term-stay hotel for artists, intellectuals, and authors-John Steinbeck, Thomas Mann, and F. Scott Fitzgerald all laid their heads here previously-and features easel-inspired television stands, work bench-esque desks, nightstands that mimic flat file cabinets, and masculine leather-tufted headboards.
Hospitality Design Features The Renwick Hotel

Hospitality Design Features The Renwick

Local firm Stonehill & Taylor turned to the 1928 building's former incarnation - a housing and studio space for artists, authors, and other assorted intellectuals - as inspiration for the 173-room hotel near Grand Central Terminal. "Because of the hotel's location, we foresee if as being used a lot for business travel," says principal Michael Suomi. "But we hope to attract a discerning group of design-minded individuals, too, so we brought some downtown edginess." The team embraced the hotel's artistic history by nodding to the process of drafting and sketching.
Jaeger: 5 Things Inspiring Us This Week

Jaeger: 5 Things Inspiring Us This Week

The Renwick Hotel: Complete with functioning typewriters, writing paper and ink, this elegantly restored Manhattan hotel ‒ once a residence for John Steinbeck and F. Scott Fitzgerald ‒ is the ultimate urban writer's retreat.
AskMen Checks In

AskMen Checks In

Rich in creative history, The Renwick (the brother to The Gregory) is New York's newest hotel. The 173-room luxury hotel, located steps from Grand Central at 118 E. 40th Street, is named after James Renwick, Jr., the architect best known for his design of the iconic St. Patrick's Cathedral.
Travel + Leisure Gets An Inside Look At The Renwick Hotel

Travel + Leisure Gets An Inside Look At The Renwick

Creatives have long since fled Midtown Manhattan, now a sanitized sea of corporate high-rises and big-name businesses, for New York's grittier downtown neighborhoods and outer boroughs. But it wasn't always this way: in a quaint brick building on East 40th Street, luminaries like John Steinbeck, Thomas Mann, and F. Scott Fitzgerald lived and created, producing some of their most inspired work just steps from Grand Central Terminal.
The Renwick Makes Its Debut

The Renwick Makes Its Debut

The Renwick located at 118 East 40th Street has officially opened its doors. The product partnership between Interstate Hotels & Resorts, hotel Asset Value Enhancement (hotelAVE), and Meadow Partners, the new hotel focuses on whimsical luxury with a modernistic approach, according to the company.
Set to open in November, John DeLucie's first solo restaurant, Bedford & Co., will open as its signature food and beverage venue offering modern American cuisine prepared on a custom-made wood-burning grill.
Surface Magazine Checks In

Surface Magazine Checks In

In designing the new art-focused Renwick hotel, New York architects Stonehill & Taylor took cues from the 1928 edifice's past: a long-stay residence that housed F. Scott Fitzgerald, Thomas Mann, and John Steinbeck. The 173 rooms evoke its creative history with easel-inspired television stands, patterned carpets that mimic paint splattered concrete, and hand-painted stools. The public spaces are outfitted with original works by local artists, including a mural by Brooklyn-born Gregory Siff.

The Renwick Opens in New York City

The 173-room Renwick, originally built in 1928, opened in Midtown Manhattan. The hotel has no meeting rooms but can accommodate private dining for small groups.
NYC Celebrates Literary, Art Icons

NYC Celebrates Literary, Art Icons

Housed in a quaint brick building with rich history, The Renwick officially opened its doors in New York City. The Renwick's whimsical design by Stonehill & Taylor pays homage to its past legends. The hotel is named after James Renwick Jr., an architect best known for his design of St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City.
Noteworthy Hotel Openings: Autumn 2015

Noteworthy Hotel Openings: Autumn 2015

Originally opened in 1928 as an artist's loft, the 173-key hotel with 33 themed suites brings an innovative concept to Manhattan's Midtown East. Whimsical pieces such as easel-inspired television stands and carpet that mimics the look of paint-splattered concrete bring the property's history to life.
Artists Can Feast and Retreat at The Renwick Hotel

Where Artists Can Feast and Retreat

The Renwick Hotel in NYC's Murray Hill is not just another pretty face. Housed in a former extended-stay hotel from the 1920's on 40th Street where artists and writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald and John Steinbeck once resided. All 173 residentially-styled rooms have been designed to feel like an artist's workspace, with nearly every piece of furniture or amenity to spark creativity in the guest.
The Renwick Hotel Design Checks In

Hotel Design Checks In

The Renwick opens in New York, design headed by Stonehill & Taylor. The 173-room hotel is located near Grand Central Station in Midtown Manhattan. The property's loft-style guestrooms and suites have art studio-furnishings and decor such as easel-like television stands, desks that resemble an artist's work bench, and carpeting designed to mimic paint-splattered concrete. All suites have a collection of curated literary works, quotes and other items reminiscent of the former residents.
Art & Literature Inform The Design Of This Manhattan Adaptive-Reuse

Art & Literature Inform The Design Of This Manhattan Adaptive-Reuse

Looking to capture the creative spirit of the many artists and authors that previously stayed in the 1928 building, The Renwick Hotel recently opened following a $30-million restoration touting an artfully curated hospitality experience. The adaptive-reuse of what was previously the Bedford Hotel... is a byproduct of a partnership between hotelAVE, Interstate Hotels & Resorts and Meadow Partners. The trio also collaborated on last summer's opening of The Gregory Hotel in New York, a boutique hotel on 45th St. that is positioned as a sibling to The Renwick.
David Israel, SVP, hotelAVE explained that looking at the hotel and those are it, there was "a lot of opportunity to bring a new, edgier boutique to a little bit more formal, stuffy Midtown." He added "the business plan was to bring more of a SoHo feel to Midtown," though it probably more closely resembles Brooklyn.
Enjoy the Hot Mess That is Midtown

How To Enjoy the Hot Mess That is Midtown

Keen to see friends en route to western Massachusetts and with only 24 hours between me and a date with the devil (by which I mean Penn Station), I checked into the newly renovated Renwick Hotel... I had it on good authority that this East 40th street spot was a particularly fun destination for writers. In the past, the building had been an artist's space and was the longtime home of Thomas Mann. Luminaries including Hemingway, Steinbeck and Fitzgerald spent significant time there. (Imagine the weird artifacts they found renovating that place). The new design pays homage to its artistic and literary past in a number of ways.
The Brunette Salad Checks In

The Brunette Salad Checks In

Fashion blogger Vanessa Cesario, aka The Brunette Salad, spent a few nights in New York City on behalf of Expedia.ca and checked in to The Renwick Hotel. Read all about her adventures and places to see on her blog.
Wallpaper Checks-In

Wallpaper Checks-In

Each of the hotel's 173 rooms features artwork by local artists. In keeping with the literary theme, the hotel's 33 suites pay tribute to  it's former residents - F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Steinbeck and Thomas Mann. The hotel's lobby is equally artistic, with a dynamic light sculpture, and a mixed media mural featuring old letters and postcards found during the hotel's renovation.


Straßenbezeichnungen sind als Hotelnamenheutzutage sehr beliebt. Das ist praktisch, weil man sich keine neue Bezeichnung ausdenken muss und das Haus leichter zu verorten ist. Außerdem klingt es interessantDasselbe gilt für berühmte Personen, die den Beherbergungsbetrieben ihrer Stadt den Namen leihen. Da wird das dahinterstehende Konzept gleich mittransportiert. Im The Renwick in New York ist es so.

The Globe and Mail

The Renwick Hotel Reigniting the Creative Spirit of Midtown Manhattan

Densely populated by corporate high-rises and sub-par salad bars, Midtown Manhattan is not typically considered a hub for creative types...But there's a renaissance afoot in Midtown and, at its heart, is a quaint brick building on East 40th Street. Formerly the living and working space of such prominent literary figures as John Steinbeck, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Thomas Mann, The Renwick Hotel has reignited the neighbourhood's creative spirit.

Check Out the Thomas Mann Suite

The spirit of creative luminaries lives on at The Renwick, a former extended-stay residence for artists, authors, and intellectuals in Manhattan... A mountainesque accent wallcovering, created by Flat Vernacular in Brooklyn, was inspired by Mann's most famous work, The Magic Mountain. 

Kendra Annette Checks-In

The Renwick leaves an impression on Kendra's first visit during a recent staycation in NYC.

7 Hotels to Look For On A Business Trip

The Renwick Hotel is a mid-town gem, so close to everything and stones throw to Grand Central. The lobby is beautifully decorated so meetings are a no-brainer even if you aren't staying in the hotel.

Quick Getaways From D.C. to NYC

One of the benefits of living in DC is the easy distance to New York for a rejuvenating getaway; an opportunity of switching gears from a conservative but beautiful city to an edgy, throbbing, invigorating environment that always leaves one wanting more... One such hotel is the new Renwick Hotel. It ticks all the boxes-a decent four plus start, clean, innovative, well located and design that is as interesting as many of 5 and 6 star luxury boutique hotels around.

How to Get Away (Without Actually Going Anywhere)

The Renwick originally opened in 1928 and was for many years a home to artists and writers like John Steinbeck, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Thomas Mann. Today, their are quirky nods to the Renwick's history in the form of quotes on walls and splashes of paint on the carpets. Right now the hotel has a Tri-State of Mind package available to residents of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. If you book a Friday or Saturday night, Sunday night is automatically included.

'Do Not Disturb' These Hotel Door Hangers

Hotels across the country are making sure their "Do Not Disturb" signs are getting the point across the flair. Now they come in different sizes, shapes, and fonts and with cheeky messages. Hotel managers say the signs are one way they can distinguish themselves from other properties. 

Signature Scents at hotels: Love 'em or lose 'em?

The first thing Sheila Haas noticed when she checked into an apartment hotel in Los Angeles recently was the smell: a sweet, metallic fragrance wafting through her room. It's not your imagination. Something smells at an increasing number of hotels. How many hotels are engaged in environmental fragrancing? No one knows for certain. 

All About the Art

This months-old crash pad, conveniently located near Grand Central Terminal, was previously a 1920s long-stay hotel for travelling intellectuals, artists, and writers.  In addition, the chic, design-forward rooms were injected with artsier flourishes, including do-not-disturb signs shaped like paintbrushes. The lobby is equally dynamic with creative details.

NYC's The Renwick Hotel Features Artist-Inspired Rooms and an $85 Cocktail

The Renwick Hotel in New York City might have a new name and a slick new modern and artsy look but the property boasts a rich history as a haven for artists, intellectuals and notable authors. Before we delve into The Renwick Writers Collection cocktail options, it's important to note the property's history, which is honored throughout the hotel's 173-rooms and lobby itself. In each of the rooms are artistic elements meant to reference items found in an artist's studio such as desks reminiscent of the artist's work bench and patterned carpet that simulates paint-splattered concrete.

The 5 Best New York City Hotels for Art Aficionados

The Big Apple has always been a magnet for artists and their fans. Here's a look at top notch hotels across New York City catering to the traveler who appreciates art and can easily tell Rembrandt from a Rockwell. Not only does The Renwick celebrate art - it encourages guests to unleash their inner creativity. And in an ode to its storied past, the property features famous quotes from literary icons in its guest rooms.

A $85 Cocktail And Artistic Inspiration At NYC's The Renwick Hotel

Need a little inspiration? Look no further than The Renwick Hotel. The former Hotel Bedford, which is now a modern 173-room hotel, was once filled with oversized artist studios and lofts. From the art-filled lobby to each and every room, you will find artistic references throughout The Renwick. To get your creative juices flowing, The Renwick Hotel has curated a bespoke cocktail experience based on your favorite authors.

Sleeping Around NYC: The Renwick Hotel

The Renwick is so named for James Renwick, renowned architect responsible for the iconic St. Patrick's Cathedral on Fifth Avenue. There are 19 local artists represented here, yet there is no framed art. Everywhere you look there are small touches that convey the artistic funkiness of the hotel. The 173 loft-style rooms are equally spectacular. Using a palette of black, white, cream and gray, the designers let the art take center stage.  

The Renwick Named One of 5 U.S. Hotels Perfect for Artists

The Renwick Named One of 5 U.S. Hotels Perfect for Artists

With the new adult coloring book craze, the benefit of artistic pursuit to clear out brain gunk is seeing a resurgence. Adult coloring books, or mindful coloring books as they're also called, are becoming a fixture in many hotel rooms and lobbies. Here are five hotels that encourage your inner artist with coloring books, in-room art supplies, and even painting classes.
Bedford & Co. at the Renwick Featured in Chef's Favorite Fall Dishes

Bedford & Co. at the Renwick Featured in Chef's Favorite Fall Dishes

With an abundance of new-again ingredients on the market, we asked 16 chefs and restaurateurs to share their favorite fall dish inspired by a memory. Ahead, recipes that will leave your fall cravings-not to mention appetites-in check all season long.With an abundance of new-again ingredients on the market, we asked 16 chefs and restaurateurs to share their favorite fall dish inspired by a memory. Ahead, recipes that will leave your fall cravings-not to mention appetites-in check all season long.
The Renwick Named a 'Novel Stay'

The Renwick Named a "Novel Stay"

The Renwick Hotel New York was featured in Enroute Magazine as a "Novel Stay" thanks to famous literary guests.
Stay & Dine for Thanksgiving

Bedford & Co. Featured As a Dazzling NYC Hotel to Stay & Dine for Thanksgiving

There's no better place to spend Thanksgiving than in the city that never sleeps. For the artistic souls, the gourmet Thanksgiving dinner at The Renwick will be a vibrant dream come true for both your mind and your palate.

Bedford & Co. Named by Town & Country as a Love-ly Cocktail for Valentine's Day

Town & Country names Bedford & Co.'s It's a Match cocktail in their roundup of Valentine's Day cocktails from cocktail bars and restaurants around the country.
Bedford & Co Little Black Dress Featured as Cocktail of the Week

Bedford & Co.'s "Little Black Dress" Featured as Cocktail of the Week

We're pleased to share Haute Living's inclusion of Bedford & Co's Little Black Dress cocktail in their Cocktails of the Week Feature, themed on cocktails appropriate for Fashion Week.

Gertrude Stein Suite Opens at NYC's Renwick Hotel

Inspired by the literary figures who have pass through its halls, the hotel unveils its first suite dedicated to a female author.